Victoria Sears Wilson

Sandusky, Ohio 44870

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“Genealogy ~ My mother now knows who her family members were/are and where they are from and what they accomplished in their lives.”  Victoria

Genealogy is about researching and remembering, putting things in chronological order.  Through genealogy I learned to respect the old folk, the one-ones that came before and paved the path forward.

When creating a family book, it has to begin with one, one family, one family member. Using someone in the here and now can make it easier to begin working backwards.  I invite you to join me and take an excursion, learn a few things, and appreciate from whence you came.

My curiosity about our history began while reading Diana Gabaldon, writer of the popular historical fiction series “The Outlander.” Her writing made me want to look back in time, and thus, I did.

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