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Family I have come to know along the way  ~  I hope to see them in heaven someday!    

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   My work of family genealogy, I leave to you.   ~Victoria Sears Wilson

Member of Daughters of the American Revolution, Martha Pitkin Chapter, R.B.Hayes, Ohio Genealogical Society, Erie County Genealogy Society, Clermont County Genealogy Society, and the New England Genealogical Historical Society.

 Just a fact - Chevy Chase is a relative of ours... wiki-  through John Howland of the Mayflower - Chase is a fourteenth-generation New Yorker, and was listed in the Social Register at an early age. His mother's ancestors arrived in Manhattan starting in 1624; among his ancestors are New York City mayors Stephanus Van Cortlandt and John Johnstone; the Schuyler family through his ancestor Gertrude Schuyler, the wife of Stephanus Van Cortlandt; John Morin Scott, General of the New York Militia during the American RevolutionAnne Hutchinson, dissident Puritan preacher and healer; and Mayflower passengers and signers of the Mayflower CompactJohn Howlandand the Pilgrim colonist leader and spiritual elder of the Plymouth ColonyWilliam Brewster. According to his brother John:  . . . see more on wikipedia  -


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